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The Grand Finale

The National Caricaturists Network ended with a bang last evening as more than two hundred caricature artists gathered in the ballroom of the Palace Station Las Vegas for the awards banquet. Trophies and certificates were awarded for speed drawing, best likeness, use of color, exaggeration, studio work, portfolio, best individual caricature and best artist. The Japanese envoys dominated the field with winners in several categories and eight out of 15 in the best individual caricature category.

Before the banquet, Rene and I spent the afternoon browsing the walls of the ballroom looking at all the caricatures, of which there were easily more than 2000 pieces. The representation of artistic talent was overwhelming to the point of bewilderment as I envisioned myself trying to vote for my favorites. Fortunately for me, as a mere guest, I wasn't permitted to vote. Thank heavens I didn't have to choose. It probably would have made my head explode. Anyone interested in learning more about the convention and the caricature network, the web address of the NCN is