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The Imperial Palace...Las Vegas Style

Friday afternoon we checked out of the Palace Station and into the Imperial Palace. Gosh, by their names, you'd think the hotel staff would be treating us like imperial royalty, when in fact, we're getting treated just like regular folk. Nevertheless, our continuing Las Vegas experience has been grand fun.

After an evening of hoofing it up and down the Las Vegas Strip for a sushi dinner at Todai in Aladdin's Desert Passage, a visit to the penguin and flamingo habitat at the Flamingo Hotel, and an elevator ride up the half-scale Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel and Casino that took my breath away, we retired to our room, where a huge tub awaited us right there in our bedroom. Exhausted and footsore, we filled it with steaming hot water and had a good soak while we watched the Oscar hopeful and much-ado film Sideways. By the end of the movie, all our knots had been dissolved and our blisters healed. It was the perfect end to a very long week.