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Countdown to Cambodia

It's less than a week 'til time for my 'Swimming to Cambodia' Dinner & a Movie, and when the school bell rings at 2:55 this afternoon, the long-awaited and much-needed Spring Break will commence, which means a nice long interim with my son Will. We hope to make good use of the time by finishing up some minor landscaping projects and preparing the ground for my vegetable garden.

As a reward, I have given Will permission to invite both his girlfriend Patricia and best friend Jordan to join us for dinner. Of course, I plan to put them all to work, helping with food prep, setting the table, taking photographs and maybe (although they don't know it yet) doing the dishes after dinner while Rene and I watch the movie. Somehow, I don't think they will be enthralled with the notion of either...the dishes for obvious reasons, and Swimming to Cambodia because they are teenagers in hyperdrive, and thus are physically incapable of sitting still for a two-hour monologue, especially since Spring Break is supposed to be a vacation from that very thing.