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A Long-Awaited Visit

Shortly after Thanksgiving last year, I was at home on a wintery Saturday afternoon, taping The Joy of Painting on PBS for Rene, and decided to indulge in a little channel surfing afterwards. Having just featured a Thai Dinner & a Movie a few weeks earlier, I landed on Channel 27, our local cable-access educational station, where a video travelogue on Thailand caught my eye. When the program was over, I watched the credits in hopes of finding out who had produced the segment.

Napa is still a small town, even if only in spirit, and a call to our local cable station put me directly in touch with the videographer, editor and producer herself, a lovely woman named Alice Jackson, the media coordinator for the Napa Unified School District. I introduced myself and had a nice although brief chat with Alice, as she had one foot out the door on her way to Egypt for the holidays. After what seemed like a very generous expenditure of her time under the circumstances, we said goodbye with a promise to meet in person soon after the New Year.

While Alice was floating merrily down the River Nile and basking in the ruddy glow of the Pyramids, I celebrated the Christmas holidays with family and friends, schleppped all my belongings to a new address, set up my new household, and cleared my desk for a 12-day trip to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Yosemite. So it's no wonder that it has taken Alice and me until late March to finally schedule a rendezvous.

The day we have chosen is two days after my 'Swimming to Cambodia' Dinner & a Movie, and I have promised to set aside a taste of everything on my Cambodian menu for Alice to sample when she visits. Since our first conversation last November, Alice has become one of my most faithful readers, so I know she will be reading this. Hello Alice...see you next Friday.