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A Taste of Cambodia

Dinner & a Movie was great fun, especially since both Will's friends were able to join us, so the conversation was very jolly throughout the meal. Many of the dishes on the menu turned out quite tasty... the pickle medley, rice paper spring rolls, lemongrass soup, mango salsa over ginger cole slaw, coconut fish, ginger chicken, and coconut pudding in particular. But in the balance of things, I better liked some of the other Southeast Asian cuisine I've prepared in earlier meals, especially the very first Vietnamese dinner.

The spices and flavors of the Cambodian dishes were very mild by comparison, with showy but nearly flavorless turmeric being the lone spice in nearly every dish. Now that I'm familiar with the recipes, I can adapt them for a much better outcome. Most just need a little tweaking, and perhaps a little more heat. Nevertheless it was a wonderful learning experience. Tune in tomorrow for all the tasty details...