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My Hong Kong Cookbooks

Last night, I found a few quiet moments at day's end to browse my Asian cookbooks for Hong Kong recipes. My old stand-by, Corinne Trang's Essentials of Asian Cuisine contains much appetizing prose about the glory of Hong Kong cuisine...but no recipes. Not to worry, however, since my most recent cookbook purchase from includes two volumes from Martin Yan's Asia series, both of which have an extensive collection of authentic Hong Kong recipes adapted from old family favorites and the signature dishes of Hong Kong's most renowned chefs.

As always, I will be improvising on the recipes to make them uniquely my own. Sorry Mr. Yan, but it's almost like a sickness with me. I simply cannot follow a recipe to the letter. (I know, I's kind of like rewriting Shakespeare or adding a few more brush strokes to the Mona Lisa). But Martin Yan's recipes will be an excellent point of departure for developing my own interpretation of Hong Kong cuisine. But even with a little improv, the way I figure it, when it comes to Hong Kong, you can't go wrong with Martin Yan and Jackie Chan.