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A Little Background Info on 'Mr. Nice Guy'

Mr. Nice Guy is a 1997 Hong Kong film directed by Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, and starring Jackie Chan. The film is set in Melbourne Australia, where Chan is a celebrity chef who is drawn into a rival gang war when a female journalist at the television station where he works videotapes a murder and appeals to Chan to help her elude the revenge of a powerful drug lord.

Known in Chinese as Yatgo Ho Yan, Mr. Nice Guy is indistinguishable from any one of a dozen Jackie Chan films, in that the plot is a mere cinematic detail that must be included in some form or another to showcase the real reason for the film: Jackie Chan's unrivaled martial arts skills and daredevil stunts. Anyone who watches a Jackie Chan film expecting a labyrinthian plot, complex character development, or subtle allusion to art, literature, and philosophy will be sorely disappointed. When it comes to Jackie Chan, it's all about fast-paced fun and fantastic stunts. And sometimes... that's all you need.