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In Search of Cookie Cutters

There's a little, old-fashioned kitchen store on Main Street in downtown Napa called Shackford's, where they have every kind of gadget, utensil, pot, pan, dish, container, and cookbook imaginable. I have often marvelled at the variety of wares they manage to stock in a space not much larger than the average convenience store or corner market. And it is with great difficulty that I shop there without walking out the door having bought one of everything in the store.

Today, however, I was shopping only for cookie cutters to shape the Sesame Shrimp Toast and Chinese Five-Spice Cookies for my 'Mr. Nice Guy' Hong Kong dinner. And although I saw a thousand things I could have bought with great glee, after the shock of last week's hefty income tax bill, I stuck to my precise mission and walked out with exactly two decorative cookie molds and one star-shaped cookie cutter for a total of $1.99.

But one of these days...