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An Unexpected Windfall

Fridays are half price day at my favorite local thrift shop, so in anticipation of my 'Mr. Nice Guy' Hong Kong dinner, I stopped in to browse for a few serving dishes to add a touch of Asian elegance to my photographs and table setting. As always with shopping in thrift shops, one never knows what will turn up, so one has to keep an open mind.

For the modest sum of six dollars and fifty cents, I bought a clear glass pitcher, two small gold-leaf-over-lacquer plates, two contemporary Japanese soup bowls, a small blue Dansk stoneware bowl, two rustic stoneware dinner plates with the perfect aesthetic for serving some kind of sushi, and a deep blue oval dish with a geometric gold leaf motif around the rim. Needless to say, I was rather pleased with my windfall and look forward to incorporating several of my new acquisitions into next week's dinner.