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It's That Time Again...

...Dinner & a Movie. I just got back from four (count 'em, four) grocery stores with all the goodies to make my Hong Kong dinner tomorrow night. I will be doing much of the prep throughout this evening, including making Five-Spice Cookie dough, all the marinades, sauces and dressings, and some of the basic prep like washing & chopping ingredients. It's always such a help to have all that done when I begin cooking in earnest.

The ingredients for this dinner were a little pricey this time, including a whole duck that cost more than ten dollars, and a tiny piece of sushi-grade tuna that was over three dollars. And then there's the lemongrass and the mint and the shallots and the leeks, all somewhat exotic vegetables that come with their own exotic price tag. But I am so thrifty with groceries throughout the rest of the month that it balances out somehow.

I'm really excited about preparing this menu. It's based on traditional Asian cuisine, but the presentation is going to be more modern. And OMIGOD how I do LOVE roast duck. I've just never prepared it Asian style. Up to now, I've always served mine French style, with wild rice and plum sauce (instead of the typical "a l'orange"). And since I couldn't find any Chinese barbeque pork, I'm going to make my own. I bought a little piece of pork loin at the Mexican market and am going to char-grill it with a little Five Spice powder, soy sauce and brown sugar, then slice it thin and use it to garnish the noodle soup.

Yikes! Better go get started!...