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An Unfinished Symphony...

Despite my best efforts, this evening's dinner was fraught with complications as it coincided with my son Will's dress rehearsal of Shakespeare's As You Like It. And although Rene generously agreed to pick him up and ferry him to his dad's house while I made dinner, the rehearsal ran long and Rene didn't arrive until after 11 p.m. By that hour, we were ravenous enough to eat our own heads, and I was worn out from twelve hours in the kitchen, many of which were spent fussing over the ingredients and the simmering dishes to ensure that they didn't spoil or overcook.

When Rene finally arrived, we sat down to enjoy the Sashimi Rice Paper Rolls, the Sesame Shrimp Toast, the Mint-Garlic Spareribs and a bonus dish of Golden Shrimp Croquettes made from the excess shrimp paste for the shrimp toast. Given the lateness of the hour, we decided to forego the main course and went straight for dessert, Five Spice Cookies with Warm Plum Wine. Of the dishes I managed to bring to the table, all were delicious, and everything else went in the fridge for an encore appearance on tonight's dinner table.