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Hong Kong Dinner Redux

After last night's abbreviated attempt at my 'Mr. Nice Guy' Hong Kong Dinner & a Movie, I revisited my kitchen twice today to finish cooking, photographing and sampling two more of the dishes: the Hot & Sour Soup with Roast Pork and Shrimp, which Rene and I both had for lunch; and the Pan Fried Fish with Sweet Chili Sauce, which I had for dinner while Rene worked a special event aboard a Hornblower Yacht in San Francisco Bay. According to his description, they fed him lavishly, and he even brought home a little sampler of the cutest and most perfect Petit Fours I've ever seen. But I still think I got the better deal, since my fish was fantastic.

There's still one piece of the puzzle remaining, however: the Mahogany Duck. I wanted to share it with Rene, but it was simply too late when he arrived for something as rich as roast duck. So we will be sampling it tomorrow evening, after we return from my son Will's theatrical debut in the role of the 'Senior Second Lord' in his high school production of Shakespeare's As You Like It, done Wild West style, of all things. Should make for an interesting evening...let's hope the Mahogany Duck that awaits us afterwards has survived two days in the fridge.