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Researching Chinese Provincial Recipes

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This Month's Film: Raise the Red Lantern
Cuisine: Chinese

Of all the Asian cookbooks I have in my kitchen library, none have the kind of recipes I'm looking for to represent the major food provinces of China. So I had to rely on the Internet in the search for my 'Raise the Red Lantern' provincial Chinese recipes. Fortunately there is a seemingly endless abundance of Cantonese, Mandarin, Szechuan and Hunan recipes to be found on hundreds of websites. The challenge, therefore, is in the choosing. Nevertheless, it was easy this time, because I want to prepare a classic dish from each of the four provinces, the names of which are easily recognizable from the menus of the dozens of Chinese restaurants I've visited over the years.

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Last night, Rene and I paid a visit to the home of my friend Alice Jackson and her husband John, whose birthday is today. We spent a wonderful evening chatting about our adventures in Japan, watching Alice's video footage of her most recent trip to Japan, and touring their lovely home, which is decorated in an absolutely perfect blend of Japanese and Western style. At evening's end, which came all too soon, Alice presented me with a lovely gift: the very first donation to my 'Call for Chopsticks'...a beautiful set made of simple dark hardwood in an elegant matching wooden box. What's more, they are a souvenir from their visit to the town of Suzhou. Thank you Alice and John, for your gracious hospitality, your enchanting tales of Japan, and for a treasured gift that will certainly make an appearance on my 'Raise the Red Lantern' dinner table.