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This Month's Film: Memoirs of a Geisha
Cuisine: Japanese

Since I’ve been so busy with taxes and getting caught up around the house, last night, I ordered groceries from Safeway online. Ordering groceries online is always like a game of roulette because you have to rely on a stranger to select your produce. Most of the time, I get lucky, and the service is always prompt and courteous.

However, there were a few surprises in today’s order, including an open jar of horseradish that leaked all over a bag of canned goods, an impossibly convoluted ginger root, and a daikon so big it made me blush.

Nonetheless, I’ve now got everything in hand for tomorrow’s Memoirs of a Geisha Japanese kaiseki menu except the fresh fish. So first thing tomorrow, I’m going to head over to my favorite little fish market for some tuna, salmon, shrimp, and if I’m lucky, a little tobiko. After that, I’m looking forward to spending all day in the kitchen creating and photographing tiny dishes of Japanese delicacies, and my two favorite fellas will be joining me to enjoy them.

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