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This Month's Film: Memoirs of a Geisha
Cuisine: Japanese

Making Chawanmushi for the first time was a new adventure in Japanese cuisine for me. I’d often seen recipes for it in all my Japanese cookbooks, but had avoided it for several reasons, the first being that I am mildly allergic to eggs. The second being that the finished dish involves quite a few steps: cleaning and trimming all the ingredients, blanching the spinach, marinating the chicken, making the dashi custard, and steaming the filled ramekins.

Nevertheless, my attempt at Chawanmushi appears to have been a success, although I have nothing to compare it to except the photos in my cookbooks. Rene and Will both declared it tasty, but would not rank it among their favorite Japanese dishes. So maybe chawanmushi is a delicacy better left to more capable hands and more avid fans.

The recipe will be posted at the end of the month along with my 'Memoirs of a Geisha' film review.

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