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This Month's Film: Magnifico
Cuisine: Philippine

Although Philippine cuisine features hundreds of delicious dishes, the most common and popular appear to be Adobo, Empanadas, Escabeche, Lumpia, Kinilaw, and Pancit. Adobo, considered the national dish of the Philippines, may be made with chicken or pork, braised in vinegar and spices. Empanadas are meat filled pastries. Lumpia are pancake wraps filled with lettuce leaves and various meats and seafood, with a soy-vinegar dipping sauce. Escabeche is a sweet-and-sour style fish dish. Kinilaw is a ceviche-like seafood dish marinated in lime juice and coconut milk. And Pancit is a spicy noodle dish with a variety of meats and vegetables in a savory broth.

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