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Pork Adobo

Chopstick Cinema

This Month's Film: Magnifico
Cuisine: Philippine

Adobo is such an easy and satisfying dish. And since it's slow-braised, for this adaptation, you can use most any cut of pork. Believe it or not, I used pork neck bones. They are such an economical cut with so much flavor, and there's always plenty of meat on 'dem bones. The heart of this dish is the vinegar, which not only helps tenderize the meat, but adds a slight tartness that balances the fat content. And there's lots of garlic in the recipe, plus a little soy sauce for depth. Served over rice, Pork Adobo makes a very hearty and satisfying meal.

The recipe will be posted at the end of the month along with my 'Magnifico' film review.

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