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Deciding on My 'Woman in the Dunes' Osaka-Style Menu

Chopstick Cinema

This Month's Film: Woman in the Dunes
Cuisine: Japanese

For my 'Woman in the Dunes' Japanese menu, I have decided upon an array of the best dishes Osaka has to offer:

Oshizushi - Osaka-style Pressed Sushi
Takoyaki - Octopus-filled dumplings
Panko Crab Cakes - Panko-crusted crab croquettes
Kitsune Udon - Thick noodles in savory broth, topped with deep-fried tofu
Okonomiyaki - Griddle-fried cabbage pancakes with various meat, seafood and vegetable fillings
Yakiniku - Grilled, skewered beef with a savory marinade

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