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Gung Ho

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This Week's Film: Gung Ho
Cuisine: Japanese

Many, many years ago, not long before I embarked upon my own Japan adventure, I had the pleasure of seeing Gung Ho on video. Not only is it an endearing comedy, but it also provided a glimpse into some of the subtleties of Japanese culture that awaited me, especially with regard to the corporate world. Throughout the years, Gung Ho has remained high on my list of favorite films, and has held up remarkably well over time. Here is the NetFlix synopsis:

“When Hunt Stevenson (Michael Keaton) persuades a Japanese auto firm to reopen his hometown's defunct auto factory, he's a hero. But when the Japanese hire him to enforce their policies among his American co-workers, he goes from hero to zero in seconds flat! It's a head-on cultural collision that's enough to upset the world's balance of laughter in this great comedy by director Ron Howard.”

My film review will be posted at the end of the week, along with my Toshikoshi Noodle recipe.

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