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Toshikoshi Noodles to Ring in the New Year

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This Week's Film: Gung Ho
Cuisine: Japanese

The New Year in Japan is the most important holiday of the year. In addition to the many rituals associated with the Japanese New Year, there are also many traditional foods. They include mochi (pounded rice dumplings), osechi (dried, pickled and fermented foods that will keep for days so the lady of the house can enjoy a respite from the kitchen), and Toshikoshi Soba (long buckwheat noodles in broth with various toppings), which I have chosen for the Japanese dish to go with my “Gung Ho” film selection this week.

When translated into English, “toshikoshi” means “year passing”, and these savory and satisfying noodles are a tasty tradition to be enjoyed at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

The recipe will be posted at the end of the week along with my film review.

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