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Recipe: Toshikoshi Soba

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This Week's Film: Gung Ho
Cuisine: Japanese

From my research, it seems there is no specific recipe for the Toshikoshi Soba dish traditionally served for Japanese New Year, although for this occasion, they are typically served hot rather than cold. For mine, I wanted to make something rich and filling, so I chose a savory broth made with dashi and soy sauce. In it, I simmered a large, plump chicken breast and several meaty, thickly sliced shiitake mushrooms.

When the chicken and the mushrooms were tender and cooked all the way through, I removed them and set them aside while I cooked the soba noodles in the same broth. When the noodles were done, I served them up in earthenware bowls, and topped them with the mushrooms and several slices of the chicken breast. For a garnish, I added a pinch of wasabi paste to be stirred into the broth, which added just the right element of peppery spice.

Whether or not Toshikoshi Soba will bring longevity and good fortune in the coming year remains to be seen, but with this tasty dish, my New Year is certainly off to an auspicious beginning. Here is a link to my Recipe and Photos on

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