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Indulging a Fascination with Mongolia

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This Week's Film: Mongol
Cuisine: Mongolian

I have chosen Mongol as my featured film this week for several reasons. First, because I’ve been keen to see it since I learned of its theatrical release in the Fall of 2007. But since it didn’t screen here in Napa, I had to wait for it on DVD. Second, because films from or about Mongolia are few and far between. And finally, because I have a growing fascination for Mongolian history, culture, food, and especially the hardy, nomadic lifestyle. So I’m really looking forward to enjoying my Mongolian Rustic Hotpot while watching Mongol.

Here is the NetFlix synopsis:

“In the 12th century, an orphaned young slave named Temudjin (Tadanobu Asano) escapes from his captors and begins the journey that will lead him to become one of the greatest conquerors the world has ever known. Honglei Sun and Ying Bai co-star in this Oscar-nominated epic adventure from writer-director Sergei Bodrov, the first in a trilogy that spans the life story of Genghis Khan.”

Join me throughout the week on Chopstick Cinema for a closer look at the food and the film. My film review will be posted at the end of the week, along with my *** recipe.

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