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Recipe: Mongolian Rustic Lamb and Dumpling Hotpot

Chopstick Cinema

This Week's Film: Mongol
Cuisine: Mongolian

In the five years that I have been creating menus for Chopstick Cinema, I have made several variations of this soup, including one using yak instead of lamb! All were so delicious that I wanted to shine a spotlight on this wonderful recipe in my new weekly blog format.

The remarkable thing about this soup is that it requires so little effort to produce such fantastic results. The broth is nothing more than a pound of lamb, an onion, a few pods of garlic, a little hot chili sauce, a little soy sauce, and 8 cups of water. And the dumplings are as simple as it gets: 1 cup of flour, and a half-cup of water. But the soup that these simple ingredients produce is rich and hearty and filling, with just the right touch of spice. And although I have many delicious soups in my ever-growing repertoire, this is by far my favorite.

Here is a link to the Recipe and Photo on ThingsAsian.

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