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Researching Israeli Recipes

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This Week's Film: The Band’s Visit
Cuisine: Israeli

I have a beautiful, whole fish in my freezer that I want to prepare Israeli style, but I need to do some recipe research for inspiration. As always, I began my search for recipe ideas on my own bookshelf, but in addition to my own limited selection of cookbooks, which include Mediterranean Cooking With Olive Oil, and my old stand-by The Joy of Cooking, I also went looking for options on A keyword search for "Jewish recipes" yields an abundant array of possibilities, so many in fact, that it's nearly impossible to choose just one. Several of them contain over 1,000 recipes. And for beginners like myself, although I'm not enamored by message implied by the titles in this book series, you can't go wrong with Jewish Cooking for Dummies.

And then I turned to the Internet, where I came across four websites with archives of Israeli and Jewish recipes that I found to be especially extensive, well organized and user friendly:

Daniel Rogov’s Recipes has an enticing collection of food essays that include lots of Israeli recipes. offers an impressive array of Jewish recipes, as well as food products, culinary supplies, and kosher information.

Gems in Israel is primarily a travel site, but it has a nice collection of recipes as well.

RecipeHound has a large collection of traditional Jewish recipes.

My recipe will be posted at the end of the week, along with my film review of The Band’s Visit.

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