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Researching Sri Lankan Recipes

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This Week's Film: The Forsaken Land
Cuisine: Sri Lankan

I've been browsing Sri Lankan recipes on the Internet, and have come across some tempting, fascinating, and informative websites devoted to this esoteric cultural cuisine. Among the best are:

Asian Online Recipes.



I was very inspired and I'm sure you will be too. Browse and enjoy...

And since I have no Sri Lankan cookbooks in my kitchen library, I also took a look at what’s available on, and did discover three cookbooks dedicated exclusively to Sri Lankan cuisine. And although I have been known to order cookbooks on exotic cuisines, I've had such success finding inspiration for my Sri Lankan recipes on the Internet that it hardly seems necessary. Sri Lankan films are few and far between, so who knows when I will have need for a collection of Sri Lankan recipes to inspire me again. Nonetheless, here are the three Sri Lankan recipe collections I discovered on

Exotic Tastes of Sri Lanka.

Food of Sri Lanka: Authentic Recipes from the Island of Gems.

A Taste of Serendib: A Sri Lankan Cookbook.

My recipe will be posted at the end of the week, along with my Forsaken Land film review.

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