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Casual Friday: Cosmos Redux


Thirty years ago, when Cosmos first aired on PBS, I watched all thirteen hours of this now-classic documentary masterpiece. I fell in love with narrator Carl Sagan and his enlightened, expansive, and forward-thinking view of life, the universe, and everything. Cosmos changed my life. And now that my son Will is about the same age that I was when I first watched Cosmos, I want him to watch it too, in hopes that it will have the same profound effect on him.

Will and I have an ongoing tradition of enjoying something on DVD together on Sunday mornings when we first wake up. A couple of years ago, we watched every episode of Peter Falk’s television series Columbo in chronological order, from start to finish. Last year, it was all 110 episodes of the mystical and enchanting Northern Exposure. This summer, I’ve chosen Cosmos as our Sunday morning fare. We’re only two episodes into it, and already I’m experiencing the same awe and wonder that I felt the first time I watched it. And just as I’d hoped, it seems to be having the same effect on Will.