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Casual Friday: Revisiting Some Old Favorites


This Week's Film: The Overture
Cuisine: Thai

Now that summer’s here and there’s nothing on except reruns and so-called “reality TV,” it’s the perfect opportunity to revisit some of my favorite classic films. Many of them are movies that I remember watching as a child and haven’t seen since. Others are simply old favorites that I never tire of watching.

Most recently, I watched the old Spencer Tracy / Frank Sinatra classic The Devil at Four O’clock. It takes place on the remote Pacific island of Talua, where Father Doonan (Spencer Tracy) serves as a dedicated but curmudgeonly old missionary at a leper colony. Frank Sinatra plays a character named Harry, a convicted felon in transit with two fellow-inmates to a prison in Tahiti. Their untimely arrival on Talua is cursed by the threat of a volcanic eruption, and instead of seizing the opportunity to escape, they volunteer to help Father Doonan shepherd his flock of women and children to safety. Although dated, the film has held up well over time and was a nice bit of nostalgia from my childhood.

Next on my list of classics is Ace in the Hole, an old Kirk Douglas movie in which he plays an opportunistic journalist who turns a tragic accident in a New Mexico town into a media circus for his own personal gain.