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About Pakistani Curry

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This Week's Film: Ramchand Pakistani (Redux)
Cuisine: Pakistani Curry

Like Indian curries, the curries of Pakistan may be prepared using a dry spice rub or a spiced marinade for grilled or tandoori kebabs; or with a richly flavorful sauce made with a variety of fresh ingredients such as tomatoes, potatoes, yogurt, garlic, and leafy herbs.

Karahi (spiced, grilled lamb or chicken) is one of Pakistan’s most popular dishes, as is Nihari (a rich beef or lamb shank stew), and Haleem (a hearty Persian-style ragout of beef, wheat and lentils). Korma (a fragrant chicken or lamb stew made with coconut milk), and Aloo Gosht (a spicy meat and potato curry) are common fare, especially in Pakistani home kitchens.

My Pakistani curry recipe will be posted at the end of the week, along with my film review of Ramchand Pakistani.