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Deciding on a Pakistani Curry Recipe

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This Week's Film: Ramchand Pakistani (Redux)
Cuisine: Pakistani Curry

Having taken a look at Pakistan’s most common curry recipes, including Karahi (spiced, grilled lamb or chicken), Nihari (a rich beef or lamb shank stew), Haleem (a hearty Persian-style ragout of beef, wheat and lentils), and Aloo Gosht (a spicy meat and potato curry), I’ve decided to stick with Korma, a fragrant stew that I’ve made in the past.

Only this time, instead of using chicken for the main ingredient, and coconut milk for the liquid ingredient, I’m going to go with the more traditional version made with lamb and yogurt.

My Pakistani Korma recipe will be posted at the end of the week, along with my film review of Ramchand Pakistani.