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Mulligatawny Memories

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This Week's Film: Amal (Redux)
Cuisine: Indian

I fell in love with Mulligatawny soup upon my very first spoonful while on a romantic dinner date at Gaylord's in San Francisco in 1986, and I've been making it in my own kitchen ever since. Nothing esoteric, mind you…just a basic recipe made with chicken stock and coconut milk, seasoned with a heaping tablespoon of curry powder.

Awhile back, I even made a batch using a recipe from the Raffles Hotel Cookbook. The process was so complex that it took me two days of chopping, sautéing, simmering, straining, reducing and seasoning to finally render it ready to ladle up into bowls. And once I did, to my amusement, I found that the rarefied Raffles recipe wasn’t all that much better than my own humble version. But I gotta say, it was an interesting exercise in following a gourmet recipe to the letter.