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Where to Find Kosher Ingredients

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This Week's Film: Ushpizin
Cuisine: Jewish/Israeli

Jewish cuisine encompasses a vast array of fresh and commercially prepared ingredients that may be purchased at most any supermarket. The most important consideration is whether or not a food item is kosher, prepared according to the laws of kashrut. The labels of these products will be marked with a special kosher symbol to indicate that all contents have been properly processed at a kosher manufacturing facility, under the supervision of a professional who has been specially trained in the laws of kashrut.

Certain specialty items such as kosher salt, matza meal, matzo crackers, and kosher wine may also be available at your local market, and perhaps even a variety of packaged foods, including lox, gefilte fish, matza ball mix, chicken broth or soups, and pre-made foods such as challah, knishes, kugel, kreplach, latkes and schnitzel.

But if you have difficulty finding the kosher foods and Jewish specialties that you need for your Sukkot menu, is an excellent source to shop for them online.

My recipe will be posted at the end of the week, along with my film review.