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Film Review: Tandoori Love

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From the very first frame, there’s no mistaking that in this tasty truffle of a film, food is the language of love. Set in the Swiss Alps, where an Indian film crew has set up on location to make a Bollywood musical, the romance centers around the Hirschen, a chalet-style inn owned by Markus, a culinary entrepreneur whose curmudgeonly mother pulls the puppet strings. But Markus has finally claimed his place at the helm of the Hirschen, and just when it looks as if life can’t get any better, his soon-to-be fiancée Sonja has a love-at-first-sight encounter at the supermarket with Rajah, private chef to the film production’s leading lady.

Tandoori Love is a delightful fusion of Bollywood fanfare and old-world European tradition, with a cast of fresh young faces to play out this little comedy of errors. Complete with bouncy pop-music dance interludes that are de rigueur in nearly every Indian production, and microcosmic culinary montages so intimately seductive that they leap off the screen and onto your lips, Tandoori Love is absolutely delicious!

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